About Us

This Website (DriversCrew.com) was created by me, an absolute crank of a home mechanic named Frank Valentine, who loves cars more than almost anything else.

I know how hard up the economy has left many, and how that makes it a better time then ever to learn how to work on your own car!

I don’t want people just futzing around with their vehicles, though, no – I want you to do it right & have a safe, effective, & reliable vehicle that’ll treat you well for years to come.

Frank Valentine
Frank Valentine

That’s why I created this site – I want to help you learn to work on whatever vehicle it is you drive. I’ll be your mentor & guide as you learn to make fixes your grandfather wouldn’t think twice about, but that few know how to do today.

I only offer advice – what you do to your car is your business & not my responsibility. I do hope to be helpful – a sort of crew chief to keep your repairs going smoothly.

When you’re in the pits, trust your Driver’s Crew!